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Our Vision

To make life easier for people in the developing world by promoting financial inclusion, especially for women.

In year 1 we will have launched in two main African markets, driving down the average cost of remittances to below 3%.

In year 5 we will have established ourselves on the African continent and will have commenced roll-out to other key remittances corridors in South America, Asia and the Middle East.

We will also have launched a domestic peer to peer payments app.


Our focus.

This are the real problems we are addressing
Cost of Remittance

The high cost of remittances to Sub Saharan Africa (9%) vs a global average of 7%, and a UN Sustainable Development Goal of 3%.

Financial Exclusion

The financial exclusion, especially of women.


80% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa is does not have access to banking or financial services.

Old Banking System

The dominance of ‘heritage’ banking systems and associated high costs and exclusionary actions.

Our Proposed Solution.

A fast and cheap mobile payment app which uses XRP digital asset to make payments and money transfers via agent networks.

XRP is fast, scalable, with distributed blockchain and uses stable technology with good governance.

Our team.

We have been working closely and complement each other very well as key members of the founding team.


Founder and CEO


Co-founder and CMO

What makes us Unique?

Transfer Speed

Money transfer takes less than 5 sec.

Receiving Method

Collect you money using mobile app and near-by agents


All transactions are registered on a public blockchain.


BEYA Pay Step-by-step

beya pay is an easy to use mobile app where users can top up money from their credit card, transfer money and check their balance and transactions.

We have a working MVP. Here is a simple explanation on how to use BEYA Pay.

Download the app, Register for a FREE account and Login

Access from your android phone and agree to take part in ‘internal test program’ for the app. Then, the app will be downloaded and you will see a splash screen similar to the one above.

Register for a FREE account by filling the form and then login using your phone number and password.


Top up

Since your account is new, you don’t have any balance. Hence, let’s top up some money from a TEST credit card using Stripe* payment processor.

1. Enter an amount like 100 and click TOP UP

2. TEST credit card # is 4242 4242 4242 4242

Exp. Date: 10/23 CVV: 123 ZIP: 12345

Once the top up is processed, your balance should be updated and can be seen in the ‘Transactions’ tab.


Make a Transfer

This is where BEYA Pay shines. It lets you transfer money to another BEYA Pay user in 5 seconds*.

Just enter the receiver’s phone number (including area code – exactly as how they registered), the amount you would like to send and the reason for making the transfer.

Note: You can send any amount which is less than your balance.

* transfer speed depends on the quality of your internet connection

See your balance and transactions

All of your transactions including top up, sent and received money is displayed in one page – Transactions view.

Your balance is updated immediately when any transaction happens. You can also do ‘pull-to-refresh’* .

Clicking on the transaction will show you to the details.


* dragging the screen downward with the finger and then releasing it, will refresh the contents of the screen

Any question or comment?

We have a telegram group named ‘BEYA Pay’ and you can post any question, comment or suggestion you have and we reply ASAP. Join our telegram group at or @beyapay


Our Business Model.

Are you wondering how we make money?

We will charge a target commission on each transaction.

We aim to be the lowest cost operator, relying on volume sales at lower fees. Our aim is to be the ‘RyanAir of the remittance business.’

  • Cheap Money Transfer
  • Fast Money Transfer
  • Secured Money Transfer


Read what our testers have said about the app

I use BEYA Pay often to send money to my family in Lagos, Nigeria. It is reliable, fast and charges less fee than the other services I have used so far. Highly recommended!

Adedayo Esomchi

Test User, London


Answering 'Why'?

You might have been asking "why?". Here are our answers
Biniam and Eamon?

We are experienced, hungry and passionate, and have a personal mission to achieve our vision. We are a great team.

this product?

It is an intuitive, easy to use product that meets the demands of users. It is also future ready, with the options to scale and add features.


Africans are demanding cheaper & faster remittances. If we succeed in this we will help unlock great economic prosperity. They are also increasingly ‘technology ready’ with smartphone ownership expected to double from 34% to 68% by 2025.

Start using BEYA PAY now.


Career @ BEYA Technologies

Join our team and contribute to a better world!
BEYA Technologies Logo

Company Description

We are a Berlin based FinTech startup that is developing an easy-to-use mobile app for money transfers and payments using Blockchain technology.We’re looking for a mobile developer (initially freelance) to join our small team on a part time basis. Berlin based, but remote working a possibility.


If you are interested to apply, send your resume to




  • Knowledgeable about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and understanding of the impact Blockchain in many sectors (primarily finance, banking, remittance/money-transfer, and payment)
  • Experience working on FinTech (Financial Technology) or banking applications.
  • Motivated to solve real world problems in relation to financial exclusion (people with no access to financial services and affected by inflation)


  • Understands how an enterprise application is developed
  • Software architecture experience
  • Application Security experience


  • Understanding of the living situation in developing countries
  • Good communication skills
  • Team player
  • Deadline driven


Mobile application development with experience preferably Hybrid app development (such as Flutter SDK) or Android and iOS.

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About us

BEYA Technologies is founded in 2018 in Berlin, Germany with subsidiary companies in Africa.

Where to find us

Berlin, Germany
Cape Town, South Africa

Keep in touch
Here for you

Call us 24/7. We are there for your support

About us

BEYA Technologies is founded in 2018 in Berlin, Germany with subsidiary companies in Africa.

Where to find us

Berlin, Germany
Cape Town, South Africa